Generators & Pumps

Inverter – Silent Generators (1650-4300 W)

Generator Family Overview:
Combining durability with Subaru’s state-of-the-art inverter technology, portable inverter generators work hard and quietly. With three models to choose from ranging in output from 1,650 watts to 4,300 watts you’ll have the output you need to power anything from sensitive electronics to jobsite tools. $0 $0 Subaru’s Auto-Power System adjusts the engine speed to meet your power requirements, allowing for greater fuel efficiency than competitive models. The inverter technology produces a clean sine wave, providing a safe alternative for operating sensitive electronic equipment. Equipped with a steel tubular frame and base, resin panels with sound absorbing foam lining, the inverter generators offer extreme durability along with quiet operation. Wheels on the larger models make is easy to transport, while the large, three layer steel fuel tank allows for longer run time between refills.

Ideal Power for:
Because of their quiet stable operation, Subaru portable inverter generators are ideal for applications requiring low noise and a high-quality, stable voltage. This includes construction applications in populated neighborhoods, recreational camping applications and emergency standby power use. It also includes applications where sensitive equipment is powered including computers, consumer electronics, medical equipment and sensitive instrumentation.

Standard Features:

  • State-of-the-art inverter technology
  • Sound attenuating resin panels
  • Single dial control
  • Multi-monitor display
  • GFCI receptacles
  • Overload protection
  • Auto-Power System
  • Automatic fuel shut-off
  • Low oil shutdown
  • 12VDC battery charging
  • Large fuel tank with gauge and strainer
  • Large muffler and spark arrestor
  • 49 State Compliant – R1700i only
  • 50 State Compliant – Tier 3, RG3200iS and RG4300iS
  • 5-year limited warranty regardless of application

Commercial Generators (3500-7500 W)

Generator Family Overview:
From home to the jobsite – and everywhere in between – Subaru SGX generators are the best value in durable and dependable power. The SGX generators are paired with Subaru’s industry-leading technologically advanced engines, ensuring reliable power for the most demanding jobsites.

Ideal Power for:
From home to the jobsite and everywhere in between, this portable generator line is ideal for emergency power back-up situations as well as powering tools and equipment on the jobsite

Standard Features:

  • High surge capacity for motor starting capabilities.
  • High performance alternators feature full copper windings.
  • Professional control panel with GFCI receptacles, circuit breaker protection and hourmeter.
  • CSA (Canadian Standards Association)approval.
  • Large capacity fuel tanks with strainer and fuel gauge.
  • Full tubular wrap frame.
  • Two-wheel kit with fold down handles.
  • Industrial grade OHC Subaru engine.
  • Low Oil shutdown.
  • 50 State – Tier 3 compliant.
  • 3/5-Year limited warranty


Whether a contractor, homeowner or do-it-yourselfer, Subaru offers a pump built with the highest quality and features to meet any demanding application. The Subaru line includes 13 models of varying types of engine driven pumps including centrifugal, semi-trash, trash, high-pressure, diaphragm and diesel pumps. All models offer construction grade features and are equipped with Subaru’s industry-leading industrial engines to ensure easy starting, low maintenance and long engine life.
For applications requiring clear water removal Subaru offers six models of submersible pumps. These small compact pumps are light-weight, easy to carry and handle and come in 1/2 to 1 HP motor outputs with 2″ outlets